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1 day ago

SUNSHINE ☀️ and give away tiiiiiiime!! 🎁 - I got 2 gifts & 1 coupon code for  @hejnatural for you. The one that you know first: 1. you get 15% off the entire website over my website (oder für die Deutschen) 💗 so if you want to stock up on the organic, vegan nut bars, some protein pars or breakfast granola: your time is now 😛😛 - - And out of all the people who order on my site we randomly choose 2 winners: - 2. Winner No. 1 gets 2 tickets for the FIBO convention (that’s the largest fitness expo in the world 🌚). Arrival and departure by train included. - 3. Winner No. 2 gets a suuuuper cool Spa Experience in Hamburg called „Floating“ for two persons 💆🏼‍♀️ You float like a baby on salt water and enjoy being weightless. 1 night hotel stay included. 💦 - - If you just want to FOOD and don’t have time for those gifts: don’t worry haha! 😅 If you get chosen you can just tell us to select somebody else 💗💗💗 GOOD LUCK and keep eating healthy hihi.  #food  #snacklife  #giveaway

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3 day ago

6 days only about good food, intense gym sessions, yoga, spa treatments and soaking up my beloved VITAMIN D 💦☀️ what a blessing to spend time to readjust and oooonly care about your own mind, body and soul.  #maldives  #qualitytime  #toitsfinest- - 📍  @velaaprivateisland  #velaaprivateisland // Anzeige

6 day ago

🌱 daily spirulina shots, sweet potato fritters with avocado, orange infused chia puddings with berries and plant based milk, fennel-apple salads with baby spinach and turmeric dressing, beetroot soups with sprouts and cashew creme ♥️ BEST FOOD I ever got served during vacation. 100% my taste and I seriously liked EVERYTHING. The dishes itself, preparation, flavors, textures .. always on point 🤤 - The food plan of my Energizing Program at  @velaaprivateisland is different to the normal hotel menu tho. Since it was personalized to my preferences they created a very plant-based and clean meal plan. Giving me tons of healthy fats each day with nuts, nut creams, pesto sauces, hummus, avocado, etc. 🙏🏼 Only sugars are from fruit 🍇 no onions & garlic because I dislike them, not so many cruciferous vegetables because my tummy has a hard time handling them 🥦 no cow’s milk 🐮 and no fish like tuna or salmon for me (environment, overfishing and heavy metals 🌍) - and guess what, no problem at all! The meals are sooo diverse and so incredible delicious 🤤 couldn’t wish for more!!  #cleaneating  #madeeasy  #nomnom  #velaaprivateisland // Anzeige

9 day ago

went snorkeling to see some beautiful fish in this even more beautiful water 🐠🌚 - - soooo my activity plan in the energizing program not only says “gym” but in ADDITION to that I’ll get to experience water sports like kayaking, guided snorkeling or diving & land sport activities like tennis or wall climbing with private teachers (gonna do that tomorrow) 👐🏼 time seriously flies in paradise and I can’t believe I’m starting Day 5 tomorrow 😫  #canwestoptime  #velaaprivateisland  @velaaprivateisland // Anzeige

9 day ago

cotton candy colors at 7am 🌅  #alwaysworthittowakeupforsunrise  #yup .. - - to my schedule of my Energizing Program here at  @velaaprivateisland LUCKILY also belong Spa treatments 🤤 my personal trainer made suggestions about what to do when & so far I did a hot & cold treatment in an ice room and the sauna ❄️🔥 and a sports massage to ease my muscles and release tension 💆🏼‍♀️ tomorrow I’ll have another one!! Can. Not. Wait. 🌚  #velaaprivateisland // Anzeige

10 day ago

Happy Women‘s Day 💆🏼‍♀️ for me this day is not about being better than men, because we are not 🤷🏼‍♀️ both genders are AMAZING & I‘m happy that we women strive to have the power to be independent nowadays. And if you’re not appreciating the incredible beauty & strength of a woman every single day of the year (which you should).. DO IT TODAY 😛🙏🏼 - - und wer sich etwas BESONDERS schönes gönnen will & die Haut schonmal für den Sommer aufpeppen möchte kann mal in meiner Story vorbei schauen 🤫 da habe ich zB natürliche Selbstbräuner oder Körper Öle gezeigt - falls sich jemand die Sonne ins Badezimmer holen möchte (ohne harte Chemikalien natürlich 🌱) ☀️☀️☀️ alle Produkte gibt es bei  @douglas_cosmetics ✨  #byebyekäsebeine  #douglaspro  #internationalwomensday

11 day ago

.. feels like being stuck in a dream staying at this beautiful water villa ✨ - - and HAHA, yesterday’s body analysis showed that my legs are actually proportional “too strong” for my upper body regarding the muscle mass - or should I rather say my upper body is too weak? 🤫😅 would have never imagined that!! since my favorite thing is being a monkey in the gym & my legs stay so skinny 🤷🏼‍♀️ buuut that’s why I’ll focus on a lot of upper body strengthening with my personal trainer during this week at  @velaaprivateisland to find that perfect balance 💪🏼 watch my stories to seeeee mooooore ♥️  #whowouldhaveknown  #alwayslearning  #velaaprivateisland // Anzeige

11 day ago

... woke up on the Maldives ☀️ visiting  @velaaprivateisland to spend one week doing their Energizing Program - so it’s not only sunbathing & pictures for me this time! 😂 they analyzed my body & according to that I got a personalized diet and training plan, all together with a personal trainer. Today I had aqua sports and a hardcore circuit gym session with my trainer (she didn’t take it easy on me haha), an ice room / sauna treatment in the spa ❄️🔥 and some deliciouuuuus food of course 😛 gonna go to bed now to catch the sunrise tomorrow morning again! 🌚🌚🌚  #velaaprivateisland  #differentvacationthanusual  #butloveit / Anzeige

12 day ago

off to the airport to fly super spontaneously to one of my favorite places on earth with my favorite person on earth ♥️  #mom

15 day ago

5 BEGINNER AB EXERCISES - they clearly give you a crazy pump, my abs doesn’t constantly look like this .. I SWEAR 😅😅 explanations to the exercises are below ⬇️ - - - 🚨 and our CHALLENGE of the day: I’ll repost you in my story if you do any kind of workout (hopefully this one or a YouTube workout of me haha) and play this song in the background. It’s called „Bones“ by  @wearegalantis &  @onerepublic and you can find it in my GetActive Playlist (link in my bio 🙏🏼 it’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). And then type „I can feel it in my ABS“ (or butt or thighs..) instead of „bones“ lol 💖- - ➡️ 20 reps each exercise / do as many sets as possible in 10 minutes: - - 1. Bicycle Crunch / knee and opposite elbow come together, do it focused and slowly. No need to rush - 2. Assisted Leg Lift / upper body is elevated, your underarms are on the ground to keep you stable. Lift the legs up and down & keep the core tight. This version avoids what happens often with the normal version: your lower back lifting off the ground 🤫 - 3. Russian Twist / legs are on the ground, if you want to make it harder lift them up in the air. Arms rotate from side to side - 4. Cross Arm - Leg Reach / reach with your right arm to your left toes & with your left arm to your right toes. Go as high as you can! - 5. Assisted Single Leg Lift / similar like number 2, but only lift one leg at a time. - - - Video by  @kevinostaj // for  #workout  #sundayfunday  #abs

15 day ago

✝️ This picture didn’t make it into the final layout of cookbook. A moment of silence please 🙏🏼 Why? MAYBE because of that untamed baby hair hahah 🥴 (or maybe because of something else. You’ll never know hehe)