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sun kissed

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cotton candy 💭

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AÇAÍ NEWS 🤤♥️ ab Morgen ist mein Açaí Püree wieder bei  @rewe im Angebot und kostet bis Sonntag (19. Januar) 2,99€ pro Packung 🌚  #VorratsEinkauf  #woopwoop 💃🏼 diese Aktion bezieht sich auf ganz Deutschland & ihr findet es im Tiefkühlregal, meistens neben den gefrorenen Beeren ❄️ .. damit ihr euch nach meinen ganzen Bali Food Fotos einfach selbst so wunderschöne, gesunde & LECKERE Bowls mixen könnt 😛😂  #pamsacaipuree - - ganz schneller Fact Check: 1️⃣ 100% bio, vegan, glutenfrei - 2️⃣ ohne Gentechnik, Chemikalien oder Zusatzstoffe - 3️⃣ pures Açaí, ohne zugefügten Zucker & kalorienarm (86kcal auf 100g) - 4️⃣ wir arbeiten nur mit Kleinbauern und 5ct jeder Packung werden gespendet um den Regenwald in Brasilien zu schützen 🌱 - 5️⃣ das Püree habe ich mit  @therainforestco auf den Markt gebracht 💗 hier findet ihr auch viele Rezepte!! - 6️⃣ Açaí wächst als Beere auf einer Açaí Palme und wird bei uns nach dem Ernten schockgefroren - so bleiben alle der folgenden Nährstoffe enthalten 🙏🏼 das ist für alle, die nicht in Brasilien wohnen, die frischeste & beste Variante Açaí zu essen (bei getrocknet Pulver gehen ganz viele Nährstoffe verloren) - 7️⃣ hat über 100.000 Antioxidanzien (eine Blaubeere zb „nur“ 9.300) -> helfen freie Radikale im Körper zu fangen und sind somit wie „Anti Aging“ von Innen - 8️⃣ gaaaanz vieleeee Vitamine - 9️⃣ unterstützt z.B. das Immunsystem (SUPER IM WINTER 🌚), wirkt gegen Entzündungen und senkt den Cholesterinspiegel - 🔟 SCHMECKT SO GUT 😛😛😛😛

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Bali sunset happiness 🤓🤓🤓🤓

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bikini time again 🌚

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guess who’s ALMOST ready with the cookbook 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚  #itsme - - 📸  @annanassaft

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wind + ocean + sunset = ♥️

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New Year - More Food? That’s a resolution we can agree on 😅 for everyone looking for a healthy (food) start into 2019: I got 15% off everything from  @hejnatural over my personal website ( for uuuuu 😛♥️🤤I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: the organic vegan nutbars that I have loved and showed you for over 2 years already (they come in 5 flavors - LOOOVE crunchy peanut 🥜and vanilla). Perfect snack with healthy fats to give you longterm energy and NO sugar rush. Only real ingredients 🌱 have them in my suitcase or bag allllll the timeeeeee  #notkidding. Other than that Hej also launched a new protein bar yesterday - check out my story to see what I’m talking about! - - - 🇩🇪 Sooo und an alle meine Deutschen: ihr kennt den Spaß ja auch schon 🤤 einfach über meine Seite ( den Code aktivieren und lecker einkaufen. Meine Favoriten ist auch nach 2 Jahren noch der Vanille Nussriegel und seit dem Launch der Crunchy Peanut Nussriegel heheheh 🌱 Bio, vegan und gesuuuund (ein bisschen mehr gesund geht in 2019 für alle oder 🌚). Und wenn ihr meine Story über das neue Hej Produkt gesehen habt: WAS DENKT IHR? 🍫  #crunchyprotein

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New Year ... Same Me 🌚  #happy2019

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♥️ The 6 most liked pictures of 2018 🎇 what happened this year? Of course it’s just „another year in the book“ and it technically doesn’t matter that tomorrow is a 2019.. it is at the same time just another Tuesday haha. But 2018 was amazing & I want to show that year some appreciation: - - 😛 I felt like I was working 365 days but HELL YES it was so worth it. 👩🏼‍🍳 A decision to write a cookbook (which turned into the biggest project ever), over 15 meet&greets to connect with you guys as best as I can 👭, launching my organic Acai with  @therainforestco in supermarkets, starting  @pamgoesnuts, designing 3 collections for  @nakdfashion and putting looots of effort in sustainability 🌱, the UNREAL billboard campaign all over Germany for  @calzedonia (still gives me goosebumps), a lingerie collection with  @hunkemoller, selling out my lipstick for  @douglas_cosmetics & the list goes on. Not forgetting about the beautiful travels with my mom,  @msdcruella and … nobody. Only those 2 haha. - - 🧠 But work is worthless if you don’t learn something on the way.. I’ve been digging in deep with knowledge about nutrition, sustainability, health, organs, nutrients, etc. - because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER & I don’t wanna be a girl saying „uhhhhm I eat my salad ‘cause instagram said it’s healthy“ 🥗 I want to understand what happens and base my decisions on that. That goes hand in hand with my cookbook and my passion for cooking… I can’t wait hehehe ♥️♥️♥️ other than that I also found my way back to fitness, going to the gym regularly as I was always used to & re-finding all the positivity it brings into my life. It helps a lot with mental strength and productivity. I was also definitely more focused & more concentrated than before and I believe it’s down to that 🙏🏼 Last but not least I gained so much inner peace, balance and calmness. Don’t know if you can say „calmness“ in that context haha. But all I can say is: there are a lot of opportunities to take, people to meet and wishes to fulfill - but you don’t have to. Focus on what’s important FOR YOU & follow this path with passion and happiness. Ended up being a shitty path? 💩 Let’s try again. Life is about YOU 🎆  #2018

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💭 Aren’t we all living in our own bubble of life? Have you ever looked at other people on the street and reminded yourself that each and every person has a place to go right now, a task to fulfill, something to think about, someone who make them smile, a problem they worry about and most importantly: a MEANING. We have different things we focus on & still have touchpoint that connect us. And that’s why everyone has a completely different perception of his surrounding 🤷🏼‍♀️ What is cool for me, might be stupid for you. What you think is ugly, is maybe beautiful in my opinion. We see it with our own eyes, and we all see it differently. Some may judge and think their reality is the only truth. But there are a billion realities.. is that bad or good? From my point of view: it’s something beautiful. I hope it’s beautiful in your reality as well haha.  #happysunday

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my mom said the equipment in the back looks like Prosciutto di Parma before it got sliced 🍗 and now I can’t stop seeing that lol.  #anyways .. have a fit Friday everyone 😅 - - 📷 by  @kevinostaj