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3 day ago

Here is the geometrical design I created using  @youngnailsinc Precision Applicator Concealer Pink with Mission Control Gel Paint 🎨. Click on the link above to watch the nail demo in full. ⬆️

3 day ago

Here’s a preview to a nail I sculpted using the  @youngnailsinc Precision Gel Applicator. Concealer pink hard gel has never been so easy to sculpt. 👊🏼

4 day ago

I used  @youngnailsinc cover beige to create the foundation nail. This set me up to use Mission Control Gel Paint for a multi color background. You’ll notice that I use color on both ends of the brush to make the ombré effect faster. 🎨 This was the background effect to the basket weave design.

5 day ago

As soon as you build out the free edge, the surface will be soft enough to get the Mylar to stick. I use the back of the brush to push in the pieces that are sticking out. You’ll notice I go back for a tiny amount of wet acrylic so I can get the confetti pieces to stick. This is going to be the perfect set up before I encase it with  @youngnailsinc Core Natural.

6 day ago

This is real time application on  @youngnailsinc Core White. I’m not concerned about my upper arch at this point. I’m only concerned about a tight application around the body and creating the right length. This also sets me up for my Mylar application. The body is still spongy which will allows me to embed the Mylar into the structure. This is perfect set up to cap the structure with Speed Clear.

6 day ago

I use  @youngnailsinc Core White to create this milky white opal nail. Click on the link above to watch the nail demo in full. ⬆️

9 day ago

Let me show you in real time how I applied the red free edge. I had to use 2 pearls to complete the thickness and length desired. ✌🏼

9 day ago

For those of you who wonder how I made the transparent red free edge, I used 1 drop of  @youngnailsinc red liquid art.

10 day ago

Here’s a quick preview to my fire free edge nail design. Click on the link above to watch the nail demo in full. ⬆️

11 day ago

Here are some brush and product control tips and tricks. You guys are going to love my new signature series  #12. It will be available the end of this month. 👊🏼

12 day ago

 @youngnailsinc Finish gel and Mission Control Gel Paint is the ultimate to chrome, pigment, and micro glitter. The easiest way is to use an inexpensive make up sponge. 👊🏼

12 day ago

 @glossboss23 uses Caption Nail polish to create this bad ass water marble design. 🔥Click on the link above to watch the nail demo in full. ⬆️

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