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1 month ago

I tried to take a cute pic with this beautiful baby deer in Japan and & instead he just started eating his own ass. I just rolled with it. Can’t believe he did that to me but i’ve still got mad respect for this adorable troll.

2 month ago

They both look like they are proactively trying to escape my love, but good luck, cause it ain’t happening! Not for a spooky hairless cat. Not for baby Benjamin... and certainly not for you 😌💕🤗 happy Thursday and new video comin’ soon! (📸 by the legendary  @jacktdphoto)

3 month ago

Just updated my passport photo & they made me remove my glasses and said I couldn’t smile! So here’s a rare glasses-less, smile-less photo (of a photo) of me being very subdued & very unable to see 😅

4 month ago

Found a bug :.-)

5 month ago

HELLO & HAPPY 2019! :.-) I’ve been a little ghost on social media cause I was off galavanting In the woods over the holidays... and also maybe I was binge watching Steven Universe 😅 but the boy is BACK and I’m very excited about this year! Ah! Love u and I hope you’re as stoked as I am about all the cool sh*t you’re gonna do in this year! I’ve got a really good feeling about it 💕 Photo by the incredible  @jacktdphotography

6 month ago

When one of your parents whips out their phone to show you an inspiring video of a little girl singing on America’s Got Talent that “you just have to see” and u just gotta sit there and pre-mourn the next three minutes of your life.

7 month ago

Today this little monster climbed onto my shoulders to give me a tiny kiss & I died :.-)

7 month ago

When u get busted burying the evidence by ur nosey landlord & u realize u gotta dig 2 holes now cuz witnesses aren’t great 🙊 LUV U! HAVE A HAPPY, FUN & SAFE HALLOWEEN!!! 🤗🎃👻

7 month ago

Adopted! 🤗👶🏼🎃

9 month ago

I CAN’T WITH THIS 💕😱🕺🏼 Ha, This made my whole day and I wanted to share. I was in Whole Foods mindlessly looking at SnAcks (like I do) and this little girl & her dad approached me. He kindly asked “My daughter is a huge fan, mind if she gets a photo?” I responded as always with, “Of course! Get over here!” She was already the cutest tiny human on Earth and I’m always honored when fans are kids cause their imaginations are the coolest. Anyways, it was only moments later when the tables would turn and I would be staning HER 😭 We took a photo & then her dad asked something I was shocked but more delighted by. He asked “Have you seen Avengers Infinity War?” which caught me off guard cause I ALWAYS welcome (and secretly desire) unsolicited Marvel talk from strangers but it never happens, so I over-enthusiastically responded with; “YES, IT IS MY WHILE LIFE. I have seen it 8 times now. Why do you ask!?” His proud response “My daughter is Young Gamora.” ....WHAT. My heart hit my feet when I saw it. I of course didn’t recognize her initially which made me feel bad, but in my defense she was not green in real life. For those who STAN you know the significance of this character to the MCU and suddenly I was the one taking a knee to get on her 4’1 level to nervously ask “Can I get a photo?!” Ha, so there we were in the middle of a snack isle at Whole Foods; a 6’4 man and a 4’1 little girl mutually panicking over one another and loving every second :.) Respectfully approach someone you love if you see them out and about! I’ve done it my whole life with artists I respect and it’s always resulted in really beautiful and cool interactions! Thanks for making my day  @ariana_greenblatt! Now my Marvel Stans... (or anyone who’s made it this far, god bless you btw) please sound-off in these comments about your favorite film or moment in the MCU! Let’s talk MARVEL ❤️

9 month ago

Confidently losing like $238 on a Willy Wonka slot machine in Vegas while simultaneously third wheeling. Very on brand 🙌🏻

9 month ago

 @andrewsiwicki took this pic of me lookin mad mysterious but really I was just thinking about breakfast burritos.

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