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2 day ago

 #HappyFriday Pits (referencing American pitbull terriers) get a bad rap but here's my truth about them- pitbulls (& staffordshire terriers) are truly one of the sweetest, most gentle, loyal, sensitive, cuddly, and loving breeds of dog out there! I'm aware of the statistics, yes, pitbulls are the  #1 dog breed that lead to dog-bite ER visits but the reason for that is because these dogs have a much more destructive bite than most other breeds, not because they attack more frequently. Bites from small breeds are far more common but rarely warrant medical attention. I've worked with 1000's of dogs over the years and I can tell you from first hand experience I've been bit or attempted to have been bit by other breeds, primarily smaller breeds (believe it or not), wayyyyyyy more than pits. I've been bitten by chihuahuas alone more times than I can count but I honestly don't remember the last time a pitbull bit me. And you know I LOVE chi's too, remember my lil’  #Henry ? (scroll right to see my perfect lil’  #munchkinpintobean). However, chihuahua bites don't send me to the ER. Another factor to consider, and I'll try to be PC, but sketchy people often have (and breed) sketchy dogs. This isn't the case with many dog bites but def represents a number of them. I know some of you may have had unfortunate experiences with pitbulls or know someone who has, and you have my sincerest sympathies, but after years of experience working with several dogs on a daily basis I can say this breed doesn’t warrant such a negative reputation. Thanks for reading and plz comment if you agree OR disagree, I'd love to know your thoughts ??.  #pits  #pitbull  #vet  #veterinary  #dog  #henryisntactuallypsycho  #mansbestfriend  @conejovet

2 day ago

Motocross training at the MotoRanch MX park with the  @vr46ridersacademyofficial ?  @camilss

1 day ago

سيدة نفسي✌? —————— الصوره للمبدع جوزيف  @josephabdophotography ❤️ بنات ما احجيلكم شكد تونست بالتصوير مع بنفت! واعرف مختفيه عن اليوتوب صار اسبوعين بس دا احضرلكم شغلات هوايه وماخذه كل وقتي.. من اكون بدبي احاول اشتغل صح واستغل وقتي بالكامل لهذا فاتنه فديو الاسبوع❤️ وباجر راح اصور فديو مع شخصيه رااائعه .. الكل يعرفها .. والكل يحبها.. امرأه ناجحه وقويه واثبتت نفسها في مجال الجمال والمكياج.. منو تعتقدون؟ سوولها تاك ?احبكم وراجعه لليوتوب قريبا???? اموووت عليكم Being playful at the benefit set  @benefitmiddleeast . I had so much fun filming with the team... Def one of my favorite shoots❤️ I am wearing their precisely my brow pencil in  #4. My favorite so far!

7 day ago

If I tell you that I love you then you can’t do nothing wrong -  #everytimetheytearudownimabuildubackup  @jimmyfontaine1

3 day ago

Wow I can’t believe thats was me on the left wow ? I look like I couldn’t even breath smh ! But look at me now !!!!!!!! LET ME GUESS YOU STILL DONT SEE IT COMING OFF . I WANT IT OFF !!!!!!!!!!! To succeed you must believe! DO YOU BELIEVE? THE NEW WEIGHT WATCHERS!  @ww JOIN NOW THE WINNING TEAM !  #wwambassador FATHER OF ASAHD THE ALBUM MAY 2019 ! TELL THEY ? I SAID HI ? *People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

2 day ago

Saya terharu, tergetar hati saya karena tidak saya duga, selain banyak purnawirawan, tamtama, bintara, relawan emak-emak, tapi terutama yang mengharukan di sini banyak senior-senior saya, komandan-komandan saya, pembina-pembina saya. Mereka-mereka yang telah mendidik saya selama ini dan waktu saya dinas aktif.

4 day ago

Dostluğun,arkadaşlığın, motivasyonun,kattıkların için çok teşekkür ederim... Beraber daha çok sahnemiz olsun isterdim.... ? iyi ki kesişti yolumuz... paylaştığımız tüm anlar için teşekkürler...seni seviyorum☺️  @mehmetalinuroglu_

3 day ago

⭐️GIVEAWAY⭐️ We’re giving 10 lucky beauties the chance to win a bb complexion consultation & custom haul. AKA: We’ll help you find your foundation shade & the right primer that addresses your skin concerns. PLUS take home the other bb goodies seen here! Here’s how to enter: 1. ? this photo 2. Tag 3 friends {Giveaway ends 3/17/19. Winner will be notified via DM}  #AceYourBase

4 day ago

hi it’s me in a pink bathtub

6 day ago

W E R E A D Y T O R I D E  #CanAmRyker  #partnership

5 day ago

Who's ready for another Sean & Kaycee collaboration? I am!! What would you like to see- 1) A  #10minutechallenge, 2) Dares, 3) Sean vs Kaycee?

2 day ago

So in awe of you and your magic  @justinbaldoni congrats beautiful friend. Five Feet Apart in theatres now. ❤️??